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Today we Discuss About Wifi Full Form in Hindi & English, But we gave all Information of W.I.F.I Related to Electrical, Computers etc. All Full Forms with Wifi History and Products Details.

If you browse over the Internet and also kind Wi-Fi you will find various pages that have discussed Wi-Fi as Wireless Fidelity which is a worldwide misunderstanding for the complete kind of Wi-fi.

The Wi-Fi Alliance, the company that holds the hallmark has offered it the name Wi-fi, however, the actual full type of Wi-fi is “Wireless Lan (WLAN) products that are based upon the Institute of Electric and also Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11 requirements.”

Lots of technology giants in their press releases and also magazines have actually utilized the word “Wireless Fidelity” as well as the name was abbreviated on the market.

WIFI Full Form

History of wifi

In Year of 1997, the Australian Radio Astronomer Dr John O Sullivan with his fellow Engineers Terence Percival, Graham Daniel

discovered the WIFI and connects to the internet successfully.

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) protocol 802.11 was formed by them and IEEE 802 was constructed.

Applications of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi can be used to build a hotspot within 66 feet (20 meters) distance. It’s less secure than wired communication since to use Wi-Fi, the attacker doesn’t need the physical connection.

Wi-Fi could be used on different devices, including

1. Video game consoles
2. Personal computers
3. Digital camera
4. Smartphones
5. Tablet computers and so on.
6. Printers
7. Surveillance Cameras

Wifi Pros & Cons 

Pros Of Wifi

In today’s world Wi-fi is almost everywhere and it’s the need of an hour. One cannot imagine a world now without wifi. The main reason why it’s like by all are:

1. Versatile to connect with any kind of device like TV, Mobiles, Gaming Consoles, Tablets, etc. all you need is a name of the Wi-fi and password
2. Economical as there are very few resources required as compared to in the wired networks and the hassle of buying new wires or handling responsibly.
3. No hassle of wires and cables anymore, You can connect with pretty much anywhere within the network at your ease without looking for attaching cables.

Cons of Wifi

Wifi may be one of the easiest and most commonly used technology however the technology has few cons like

1. Since it’s a wireless technology a person within the network reach can easily hack and can track your activities and can get access to your files or data.
2. The range of the Wi-fi is 20 meters( 66 feet) and if the device is far from the wi-fi the speeds are slower as compared to devices that are near modem and to get speeds at the far ends one may have to set up additional devices like boosters which is an additional expenditure
3. If there are various devices connected within the same network the speed varies as compared to wired connections.

Important Characteristics of Wi-Fi network

The most common characteristics which make wi-fi different from other communication technology are:

1. Wi-fi uses radio signals to make a connection between the devices
2. Wi-fi networks are established with the help of routers and hotspots
3. Wi-fi usually broadcasts at frequencies ranging from 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
4. Wi-fi is based on technology in which devices are communicated through a wireless bridge
5. To make a connection through Wi-fi a modem is required which is provided by ISP (Internet Service Provider). The router then creates the wireless network between the devices.

Essential Features of Wi-Fi Connection

The most essential features of a wi-fi connection which anybody uses in his day to day life are:

1. File sharing between different devices connected in the network
2. Internet sharing various device connected within the same range
3. Streaming audio and music through wireless speakers
4. Using mobile phones as remotes to manage various devices.
5. Sending files to computers for printing/scanning and sending files to mobile phones
6. Streaming media files from mobile phones to a smart TV or smartphones
7. Using mirror cast feature to screen share or mirroring devices

How WIFI works

WiFi is a technology that allows you to use the Internet on your handheld device, even without a wired connection.

WiFi connects our mobile or other devices wirelessly or over the air with a router or internet.

IEEE or Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers defines WIFI standards under the family of 802 network specifications.


1. 802.3 is used for Ethernet
2. 802.15 is used for Bluetooth
3. 802.11 is used for WIFI networking standards

Name Speed Frequency
802.11a 54 MBPS 5 GHz
802.11b 11 MBPS 2.4 GHz
802.11d NA NA
802.11g 54 MBPS 2.4 GHz
802.11n 100+ MBPS 2.4 & 5 GHz


Wi-fi is just one of the necessary innovations for the clever globe as well as is the only adaptable technology to attach through the net or the globe with various devices. It has ended up being so required that when a loved one visits you the second point they ask after your health is your wifi password!

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