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Wifi Full Form of all the acronyms are given here Wifi ka Complete Fullforms . Together with the full type, detailed info has actually been given for every sort of acronym.

WIFI: Wireless Fidility

WIFI Full Form & Meaning

WiFi is a wireless network procedure that develops a data transfer or Net connection in between various digital devices without a physical cord link.

wifi, which we likewise call wi-fi, is a city link.

Wi-fi is a family members of wireless network technologies based on IEEE( Institute of Electric and Electronic Devices Engineers) 802.11

WiFi is a hallmark of a non-profit company called Wi-fi Partnership.

In other words, WiFi is a neighborhood network connection that provides us a method to transfer data in between our electronic tools, or the methods of attaching digital gadgets such as mobiles, computer systems, laptop computers, and so on to the Web.

History of wifi

In 1997, the Australian Radio Astronomer Dr John O Sullivan with his fellow Engineers Terence Percival, Graham Daniel

Found the WI-FI and also connects to the net successfully.

Wireless Lan (WLAN) method 802.11 was formed by them and IEEE 802 was constructed.

How WIFI functions

Wi-fi is a technology that permits you to use the Web on your portable tool, even without a wired connection.

WiFi attaches our mobile or various other tools wirelessly or over the air with a router or web.

IEEE or Institute of Electrical and Electronic devices Engineers specifies WIFI criteria under the family members of 802 network requirements.


802.3 is used for Ethernet.

802.15 is made use of for Bluetooth.

802.11 is utilized for WIFI networking standards.

802.11 wifi typical based on its Classification

Uses of WIFI

Utilizing WiFi we can create a lan, which we can connect different devices as well as transfer information.
Can additionally use net service with the help of a router.

  • For DATA transfer between electronic tools
  • For Web connection
  • Today WiFi has actually made our life and web access easier.

We can make use of the internet throughout our home or office on our mobile and personal gadgets, without the problem of cable connection

Today’s new and innovative routers remember linked devices, and also the device automatically links as quickly as that gadget returns right into the Wi-Fi range.

Which tools can link to wifi

Today we hardly have any kind of electronic tool which is not attached to Wi-fi, whether it is our mobile, laptop, computer system, smart TELEVISION, AC, refrigerator, residence security tools, Be its smartwatch, music system, lighting, even our vehicle is attached to WiFi today and gives us with numerous modern-day facilities.

In today’s time, if a digital device is not connected to Wi-fi, it is considered out-of-date as well as worthless.

Range of WIFI

As you recognize wifi is a computer network link, so its range is restricted to a limited location.

The wifi variety can be as much as 120 meters in indoor and also 300 meters in open space.

The series of Wi-fi likewise relies on the capacity and also type of the router.

Interesting facts about WI FI

  • Most Internet users who have a broadband connection connect all their devices through WiFi, such as mobiles, laptops, and smart TVs.
  • Free WiFi is provided by the government or internet provider at many public places where you can avail the internet for free with good speed.
  • Indian Railways and Google together have provided free Wi-Fi facility at more than 5500 railway stations in India.
  • Many people today proudly state that their home is a smart home, and WiFi has a huge role in making their home a smart home, no house can become smart without WiFi connectivity.
  • Fastest WiFi internet in the world is available in South Korea, where people easily get WiFi internet speed of more than 100 Mbps.
  • Today OTT platforms are becoming increasingly popular among people all over the world and the availability of WiFi is also a big reason behind their popularity.
  • Initially, when people started using WiFi, it was not named WiFi, instead, people used the words Wave Lane, Dragon Fly, Flank Speed etc.

Other Wifi Full Form & Meaning

Acronym Full Form
WIFI Wireless Internet for Idiots (funny)
WIFI Wireless Internet for Frequent Interface (in-network connectivity)
WIFI Wire-Free Internet

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