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HR FULL FORMHuman Resources

Human Resources (HR) refers to the people who make up the workforce of an organization. Human-Resources Department or HR Department is a department within an organization in charge of all employees and employee-related operations.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a professional discipline that deals with a strategic and comprehensive approach to managing people who work in an organization and makes it effective and productive for the accomplishment of the organization’s goals and objectives.

HR Full Form

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Functions of HR

Following are the important functions of HR:

1. To hire staff for the organization
2. Employee welfare, rewards and incentives
3. To motivate the employees
4. Performance appraisal for the employees
5. Training and development
6. Counseling and grievance handling
7. Talent management
8. Administration and record keeping
9. Maintain employee relations

Work of HR

In a company or organization, HR is a separate department operated by the HR officers to deal with labour problems and maintain professional discipline.

HR is responsible for appointing, managing and growth of the manpower or human capital in the organization that improves its productivity.

The HR officers such as administrators, managers and generalists have different types of work responsibilities that depend on the size of their organization.

5 Key Areas of HR

A Human resource officer is responsible for these sectors –

1. Managing a safe and dedicated employee environment
2. Recruiting the right employee for the right work
3. Learning, training and growth of manpower
4. Incentives and compensations
5. Marinating healthy employer-employee relation

Why HR department is important?

Human resource department in a company is necessary and one of the most important. It maintains the company culture and also the labour capital which is the most important asset for a company.

These HR officers are responsible to pay, manage performance and development, recruiting of the best employees and strengthening the core standards of the organization.

It creates a well-known workplace communication between the employees and head officers. Here the HR officers play a key role in the workplace. They develop, reinforce and change the culture of the company.

Different Types of HR Jobs

Below are the most common Human Resource job roles –

1. Human resource specialist
2. Human resource manager
3. Human resource recruiter
4. Human resource assistant
5. Human resource coordinator
6. Human resource generalist
7. Recruiter and Recruitment manager
8. Employment specialist

Facts About HR

1. In an HR department, 93% of Human Resource professionals claim that their growth in the company is their priority.

2. After many years of research, it is founded that the median salary of human resource professionals is $100k per year in the US.

3. One of the main jobs of Human Resource specialities in a company is to evaluate the employee data and it is founded that 70% of organizations analyse their employee data often.

4. HR departments have 35% more engaged workforce that is ethnically-diverse

HR Full Form - Human Rights

Human rights are the basic right which every human being gets on earth, such as the right to speak, right to food, right to vote etc.

But human rights are also different in different countries.

Most of the countries of the world who follow the human rights rules of the United Nations, give basic human rights to every citizen of their country.


HR - Croatia

Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia (ISO 3166 code: HR) is a country in Europe situated beside the Adriatic Sea.

HR - Hour

Hour (hr or h) is a unit of measurement of time.

HR - Horizontal Rule

is an HTML element that creates a Horizontal Rule or horizontal line across a page.

HR - Croatia (TLD)n

.hr is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Croatia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ques. What is the full form of HR?
Ans. The full form of HR is Human Resources

Ques. What is the full form of HR in Business?
Ans. Human Resources

Ques. What are the full forms of HR in Worldwide?
Ans. Human Resources | Hour | Horizontal Rule

Ques. What is the full form of HR in Country Codes?
Ans. The full form of HR is Croatia

Ques. What is the full form of HR in Regional?
Ans. Croatia

Ques. What is the full form of hr in Units?
Ans. The full form of hr is Hour

Ques. What is the full form of hr in Academic & Science?
Ans. Hour

Ques. What is the full form of hr in HTML?
Ans. The full form of hr is Horizontal Rule

Ques. What is the full form of hr in Domain Names (Croatia)?
Ans. The full form of hr is Croatia (TLD)

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