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DC FULL FORMDirect Current

Direct Current (DC) is an electric current that moves in one direction.

The full form of DC is Direct current. Direct current is the unidirectional flow of an electric charge. Direct current may flow through conductors like wire, but also can flow via the semiconductors, or through the vacuum. The electric current flows in a constant direction, distinguishing it from alternating current (AC).

DC Full Form

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DC Full Form District of Columbia States
DC Full Form Detective Comics Companies
DC Full Form Domain controller Networking
DC Full Form Dynamic Contrast Display
DC Full Form Braathens Regional Airline Codes
DC Full Form Deputy Commissioner Titles
DC Full Form Dublin Core Internet
DC Full Form Dendritic Cell Anatomy
DC Full Form Deccan Chronicle Journals
DC Full Form Dilip Chhabria Companies
DC Full Form Dominic Chacko Companies

How convert AC to DC and DC to AC?

1. Alternating current (AC) can be converted in to direct current by using a rectifier.
2. Direct current (DC) can be converted into alternating current by using an inverter.

Benefits of DC

1. The electrical device is more powerful when charged from DC.

2. Compared to AC lines, DC transmission lines need less ground, narrower structural support.

3. Less chance of electrical shocks if the voltage is less than 48V

4. The DC transmission line can transfer more power over long distances with less loss of electricity. It also enhances performance and decreases the cost of transmission.

Another full form of DC is Data Compression. To minimize the amount of storage in bits, DC is a digital signal mechanism wherein data to be sent is compressed.

After applying DC, you can conclude that the space of the data storage is lower than normal. Transmission of data dramatically decreases data storage space and transmission power. It is also recognized as reducing bit-rate or source coding. Back utilities, database management system and so on, usually use the method of data compression.

Advantages of DC

1. The tiny file images can be scanned faster on tape, to reach a specific file that reduces delay.

2. As less bandwidth is demanded the downloading of compressed data, DC increases the speed of data transfer.

3. DC helps you to decrease the price of information storage because you can store many files in the provided storage capacity after compression.

4. DC helps you to store many files in the storage space available, for example. Compression without a loss will minimize a file to 50% of its original size.

Examples of Direct Current (DC FULL FORM)

The primary use of DC is to the power supply and also to charge the batteries for electrical equipment. The mix of plus & minus signs, a dotted line or a straight line is available in DC.

Example: Flashlights, Mobile phone batteries,flat-screen TV & electric vehicles.

Uses of Direct Current

1. Be it a small car or a big car or an airplane, everywhere you have the use of DC current by the battery.

2. The largest use of DC current is in automobiles. You cannot imagine this best automobile sector today without DC current.

3. High voltage DC is used for very long-distance power transmission as it reduces power loss.

4. Most of the appliances are being used in our house, most of them operate on DC currents, such as your television, your mobile, your computer, and others.

5. DC current is also used in telecommunications, from 48 volts to 72 volts current is used here.

6. Nowadays, battery means DC current is not only being used to start the vehicle but also to drive the vehicle on a large scale.


DC - District of Columbia

Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia is the capital of the United States.

DC - Detective Comics

DC Comics is a comic book publishing company headquartered in Burbank, California, United States. The initials “DC” came from the company’s popular series Detective Comics, which featured Batman’s debut and eventually became part of the company’s name.

DC - Domain controller

Domain controller (DC) is a server that is running a version of the Windows Server operating system that responds to security authentication requests within the Windows Server domain.

DC - Dynamic Contrast

Dynamic Contrast (DC) refers to the maximum ratio between the deepest blacks a display can show and the brightest whites it can handle over its entire operational range but not at the same time.

DC - Deputy Commissioner

Deputy Commissioner (DC) is the head of the revenue administration of an Indian district.

DC - Dublin Core

Dublin Core (DC) is a set of standard metadata elements (data that describes data) used to describe the contents of a website and other electronic resources. Dublin Core offer expanded cataloging information and improved document indexing for search engine programs.

DC - Dendritic Cell

Dendritic Cells (DCs) are immune cells forming part of the mammalian immune system. Their main function is to process antigen material and present it on the surface to other cells of the immune system.

That is, dendritic cells function as antigen-presenting cells. They act as messengers between the innate and adaptive immunity.

DC - Deccan Chronicle

Deccan Chronicle (DC) is an English-language daily newspaper in India.

DC - Dilip Chhabria

Dilip Chhabria (DC) Design is an Indian design firm that designs concept cars, prototypes and sometimes builds custom vehicles. The company is named after its founder Dilip Chhabria, an Indian automobile designer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ques. What is the full form of DC?
Ans. The full form of DC is Direct Current

Ques. What is the full form of DC in Academic & Science?
Ans. Direct Current

Ques. What is the full form of DC in Districts (U.S.)?
Ans. The full form of DC is District of Columbia

Ques. What is the full form of DC in Regional?
Ans. District of Columbia

Ques. What is the full form of DC Comics (Name Origin)?
Ans. The full form of DC is from Detective Comics

Ques. What is the full form of DC on Microsoft Servers?
Ans. The full form of DC is Domain controller

Ques. What are the full forms of DC in Computing?
Ans. Domain controller | Dublin Core

Ques. What is the full form of DC in Governmental (India)?
Ans. The full form of DC is Deputy Commissioner

Ques. What is the full form of DC in Governmental?
Ans. Deputy Commissioner

Ques. What is the full form of DC in Newspapers (India)?
Ans. The full form of DC is Deccan Chronicle

Ques. What is the full form of DC in News & Entertainment?
Ans. Deccan Chronicle

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