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Computers Full Form List – Huge Collection of Fullforms

Computers Full Form List – Full forms of all the acronyms are given here. In addition to the complete form, outlined information has been given for every kind of abbreviation. On a daily basis utilized groups, such as Programing, Coding, ALU, CPU, Software and Hardware and also a lot more.

You can read all complete forms by group or alphabetically carefully.
Computers Full Form List

Computers Full forms List

AcronymComputers Full Form
CDCompact Disc
CPUCentral Processing Unit
ALUArithmetic Logic Unit
COMPUTERCommon Operating Machine Purposely used for Technological and Educational research
DELLDigital Electronic Link Library
DCIMData centre information management, Digital camera images
DTPDesktop publishing, distributed transaction processing
ALUIndian Administrative Service
EPSEncapsulated PostScript
HCLHindustan Computers Limited
HPHewlett-Packard, Hindustan Petroleum, Horse Power
KbpsKilobits per second
MouseManually operated user selection equipment
PCPersonal Computer
RAMRandom-Access Memory
SSDSolid State Drive
WPMWords Per Minute
XMLExtensible Markup Language
USBUniversal Serial Bus
MACMedia Access Control Address
OSOperating System
PDFPortable Document Format
ROMRead Only Memory

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