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COMPUTER Full Form List: Common Operating Machine Purposely used for Technological and Educational research

Computer Full Form

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TermFull FormCategory
ComputerCommon Operating Machine Purposely used for Technological and Educational researchTechnology

By the way, a computer system is not a phrase as well as is the name of an electronic gadget.

A computer is a simple device that we can configure for a lot of rational as well as math functions, and it executes our job according to our directions.

in simple words, a computer system is a digital gadget that makes our job easy, as well as any kind of computer that has actually been programmed for some collection of works, it executes that task or works quickly and properly.

as the computer is not an Indian word, so many times individuals would like to know the complete form of it, as well as many people utilize common operating equipment intentionally for technological and academic research as a full type of computer system.

Charles Babbage is called the papa of computers, he created the plan of the logical engine in 1830, which later on came to be known as the computer system.

What is a computer system?

A computer is a digital tool that performs our essential jobs according to predetermined guideline.

The computer system is capable of keeping data, making necessary adjustments to it, and giving data on demand once more.

Today, a lot of our basics are done with the aid of computer systems, such as keying a record, playing games, sending e-mails, surfing the web, and so on.

You will certainly be shocked to recognize that our mobile has additionally end up being a mini-computer, and that is why today the mobile can doing much of our vital tasks concurrently.

Whether a manufacturing facility, college, electrical energy division, or our auto, computers are being used almost everywhere, and that is why our cars or brand-new plants are coming to be smart.

And also in addition to it, the need for different level training courses related to the computer system, such as computer technology design, IT, BCA, COPA and so on is raising

Important Parts of Computer

A computer is made up of many essential parts that we can put into two categories:

  • Software
  • Hardware


All the physical parts of a computer are called hardware, such as keyboard computer mouse monitor etc


The CPU, that is, the central processing unit, is likewise called the brain of the computer or processor, it processes all the data and also provides the necessary result.

Today most computer systems as well as laptops on the planet have Intel cpus as well as Intel’s most innovative processor is i9.

Hard disk drive

A hard drive becomes part of a computer where we can conserve any kind of needed details forever.
The operating system of the computer system is additionally set up on this hard drive.

Mother Board

It is among one of the most essential lessons of a computer system, as well as the computer’s processor is attached to the motherboard itself.

The port for linking all sorts of input and also output devices is additionally situated on the motherboard itself.


RAM is also called random access memory, everything we do on the computer system is reduced the RAM at that time, and after that the details obtains removed when the computer system is closed.

Software Components of a Computer system

Speaking about the software application parts of a computer, the most vital software application is the operating system of the computer, the os itself carries out the needed jobs with the help of different kinds of hardware.

Apart from this, we can install any software application on our computer system according to our need, such as Microsoft Workplace, Microsoft Powerpoint, Photoshop and so on.

One of the most popular operating system is Microsoft’s Windows which is used in concerning 83% of the globe’s computer systems, the second most popular os is Apple’s Mac OS.

Evolution of computer system

When computer systems were begun, a computer system can doing only one job, but today because of the advancement, a computer can handle several jobs at once, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) is entering into it.

We can separate the progressive growth of computers into these 5 components

1st Generation computer systems: Based upon Vacuum tubes (1940-1956).
2nd generation computers: Based upon Transistors (1956-1963).
3rd generation computers: Based upon Integrated Circuits (1964-1971).
4th generation computers: Based upon Microprocessors (1971- Existing).
5th generation computers: Existing as well as future- based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

When computer systems started to be manufactured in the 50s, computer dimension was large, the dimension of the first vacuum-based computer system was equal to one space, as well as it can do just one work.

Today the majority of people use 2 kinds of computer systems, which are called desktop or computer, as well as laptop computer.

There is a lot of comfort in lugging laptops anywhere, so today many individuals do their crucial work with laptop computers.

At the same time, the computer is still used thoroughly in the workplace.

Benefits of Computer systems

Today our means of working has altered completely due to the computer system. Following are some benefits of computer system-


Any computer does any type of job according to the given instructions as well as pre-determined guidelines with no fault


The greatest advantage of a computer is that a computer system can do many things at the same time, today’s computer system is following hundreds of directions every second.


Today’s advanced computer system is capable of doing huge points momentarily.

Intriguing facts regarding Computer

Do you know that today greater than 90% of the world’s currency gets on the computer system, indicating it remains in the digital kind?

The very first computer system was 18 square feet in dimension and also considered 27 lots.
most individuals today make use of words PC as opposed to a computer. (Do you understand the complete type of PC – Remark listed below).

Some Famous Computer Brands

  • HP
  • MI
  • Lenovo
  • Acer
  • Macbook by apple
  • HCL
  • DELL

Most Important Related Computer Full Form List

The computer is an extremely important as well as very important subject, which we use a great deal of phrases each day, so let’s recognize the complete kind of some of them.

Computer full form Related to Memory or Storage

TermFull FormCategory
KB Full FormKilobyteTechnology
GB Full FormGigaByteTechnology
MB Full FormMegaByteTechnology
TB Full FormTeraByteTechnology
PB Full FormPentaByteTechnology
EB Full FormEXAByteTechnology
ZB Full FormZetaByteTechnology

Computer full form Related to Hardware

TermFull FormCategory
CPU Full FormCentral Processing UnitTechnology
ROM Full FormRead-only MemoryTechnology
RAM Full FormRandom Access MemoryTechnology
Prom Full FormProgrammable Read-Only MemoryTechnology
FDD Full FormFloppy Disk DriveTechnology
HDD Full FormHard Disk DriveTechnology
CD Full FormCompact DiskTechnology
DVD Full FormDigital Video DiskTechnology
BIOS Full FormBasic Input Output SystemTechnology
SMPS Full FormSwitch Mode Power SupplyTechnology
VDU Full FormVisual Display UnitTechnology
LED Full FormLight Emitting DiodeTechnology
LCD Full FormLiquid Crystal DisplayTechnology
USB Full FormUniversal Serial BusTechnology
HDMI Full FormHigh Definition Multimedia InterfaceTechnology
SSD Full FormSolid State DriveTechnology
VGA Full FormVideo Graphics ArrayTechnology
UPS Full FormUninterrupted Power SupplyTechnology
PDF Full FormPortable Document FormatTechnology
NTFS Full FormNew Technology File SystemTechnology
MMC Full FormMulti-Media CardTechnology

Computer full form Related to Software

TermFull FormCategory
VIRUS Full FormVital Information Resources Under SeigeTechnology
OS Full FormOperating SystemTechnology
ALU Full FormArithmetic Logic UnitTechnology
DVI Full FormDigital Visual InterfaceTechnology

Computer full form Related to Courses

TermFull FormCategory
MCA Full FormMaster of Computer ApplicationTechnology
BCA Full FormBachelor of Computer ApplicationTechnology
DCA Full FormDiploma in Computer ApplicationTechnology
ADCA Full FormAdvance Diploma in Computer ApplicationTechnology
IT Full FormInformation TechnologyTechnology
COPA Full FormComputer Operator cum Programming AssistantTechnology
CSE Full FormComputer Science EngineeringTechnology
DCE Full FormDiploma in Computer EngineeringTechnology

Computer full form Related to File Format

TermFull FormCategory
GIF Full FormGraphical Interchangeable FormatTechnology
MP3 Full FormMPEG Audio Layer 3Technology
MP4 Full FormMPEG Video Layer 4Technology
HD Full FormHigh DefinitionTechnology
4K Full Form4000Technology
UHD Full FormUltra High DefinitionTechnology

Computer full form Related to Networking

TermFull FormCategory
2G Full Form2nd GenerationTechnology
3G Full Form2nd GenerationTechnology
4G Full Form2nd GenerationTechnology
5G Full Form2nd GenerationTechnology
WIFI Full FormWireless FidelityTechnology
WAN Full FormWide Area NetworkTechnology
WLAN Full FormWireless Local Area NetworkTechnology
DNS Full FormDomain Name SystemTechnology
HTML Full FormHyperText Markup languageTechnology
IP Full FormInternet ProtocolTechnology
ISP Full FormInternet Service ProviderTechnology
VPS Full FormVirtual Private ServerTechnology
URL Full FormUniform Resource LocatorTechnology
GSM Full FormGlobal System for Mobile CommunicationTechnology
CDMA Full FormCode Division Multiple AccessTechnology
SIM Full FormSubscriber Identity ModuleTechnology
WWW Full FormWorld Wide WebTechnology
GPRS Full FormGeneral Packet Radio ServiceTechnology

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