All ‘T’ Letter Word Full Form List 2022

Complete Information About ‘T’ Letter Word Full Form List 2022. Full Forms of Synonym and Acronyms, all words A to Z Listed Below. 

Full Forms related to Technology, Banking, Education, Gadgets, Internet, It, Agriculture & Medical etc many more Added daily.

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Term Full Form Category
T&C Terms & Conditions Business Terms
T&D Training and Development Business
T-Bill Treasury Bills Policies
T-GDi Turbocharged-Gasoline Direct injection Automotive
T-RAM Thyristor Random Access Memory Hardware
T-TBI Technopark-Technology Business Incubator Regional
T20 Twenty20 Cricket
T20I Twenty20 International Cricket
T4D Thought for the Day TV & Radio
T9N Translation Programming
TA TravelCenters of America NASDAQ
TAAD Triage Assessment for Addictive Disorders Protocols
TACS Total Access Communication System Communication
TADA Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act Law & Legal
TAFE Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited Companies
TAGUP Technology Advisory Group for Unique Projects Departments
TAI The Australia Institute Regional
TALCO Tajik Aluminium Company Companies
Tam Tamil Language Codes
TAN Tax Account Number Rules
TANGEDCO Tamil Nadu Small Industries Development Corporation Departments
TAPI Telephony Application Programming Interface Software
TAR The Amazing Race TV & Radio
TASER Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle Weapons
TASMAC Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Firms
TASTE Test to Analyse and Shape Talents towards Employment and career Exams
TAT Truckers Against Trafficking Regional
Tata Named after Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata Companies
TB Tuberculosis Diseases
TBA Tennessee Bar Association Regional
TBC Trinity Bible College Universities
TBD Three Bridges Station Codes
TBGRI Tropical Botanic Garden & Research Institute Universities
TBH Tatibahar Station Codes
TBM Three Blind Mice Music
TBMD Thin Basement Membrane Disease Diseases
TBSE Tripura Board of Secondary Education Universities
TBSP Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol Organizations
TC Transfer Certificate Universities
TCC Tacoma Community College Universities
TCFW Too Cute for Words Hashtags
TCI Tsukuba Center Inc Companies
TCL Tuscaloosa Regional Airport Airport Codes
TCMC Travancore-Cochin Medical Council Departments
TCO The Cinematic Orchestra Music
TCON The Colours of Nature Companies
TCP Transmission Control Protocol Protocols
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol Protocols
TCS Tata Consultancy Services Companies
TCU Texas Christian University Universities
TDC Top Dead Center Engineering
TDCi Turbo Diesel Common rail injection Automotive
Term Full Form Category
TDI Texas Department of Insurance Departments
TDMA Telugu Desam Party Politics
TDR Term Deposit Receipt Banking
TDS Tax Deducted at Source Rules
Teacher noun: one who teaches, especially in a school Language
Tech Technician Job Titles
TECO Text Editor and COrrector Programming
TED Thyroid Eye Disease Diseases
TEDDY TERI Energy Data Directory & Yearbook Journals
TELCO TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company Companies
Telecom Telecommunications Communication
Telefe Televisión Federal TV
TELK Transfromers and Electricals Kerala Firms
Telnet TELecommunication NETwork Protocols
TEMA Tennessee Emergency Management Agency Departments
TEPCO Technical Porcelain and Chinaware Company Companies
TERI The Energy and Resources Institute Research
Tesla Named after Nikola Tesla Companies
TEST Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies Business Terms
TET Teacher Eligibility Test Exams & Tests
TEU Traffic Enforcement Unit Police
TFSI Turbocharged Fuel Stratified Injection Automotive
TFT Thin-Film Transistor Electronics
TFTI Tilakdhari Films & Television Institute Universities
TFTP Technology For The People Regional
TFW Tuition Fee Waiver Policies
TGBOA Tripura Gramin Bank Officers Association Regional
TGE Transmissible GastroEnteritis Animal Diseases
TGI The Ghost Inside Musical groups
TGIF Tactical Ground Intercept Facility Military
TGP Thumbnail Gallery Post Internet
TGT Trained Graduate Teacher Academic
THAAD Terminal High Altitude Area Defence Military
THD Doctor of Theology Academic
THDC Tata Housing Development Company Companies
THDCIL THDC India Limited Firms
TBSE Tripura Board of Secondary Education Universities
THQH Taluk Head Quarters Hospital Hospitals
THX Tomlinson Holman’s eXperiment Specifications
TI Tube Investments Companies
TIA Toy Industry Association Trade
TIDCO Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation Departments
TIFAC Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council Firms
TIFF Tagged Image File Format File Extensions
TIFR Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Research
TIL Tata International Limited Companies
TIME Triumphant Institute of Management Education Universities
TIMSI Temporary International Mobile Subscriber Identity Communication
TIMTOWTDI There Is More Than One Way To Do It Chat
TIN Tax Information Network Rules
TIO Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Services
TiPS Terrorism Information and Prevention System Security
Term Full Form Category
TISCO Tata Iron and Steel Company Companies
TISS Tata Institute of Social Sciences Universities
TIST Toc H Institute of Science & Technology Universities
TJSB Thane Janata Sahakari Bank Banking
TKMCE Thangal Kunju Musaliar College of Engineering Universities
TKSS The Kapil Sharma Show TV & Radio
TL Timor-Leste Countries
TLC The Learning Channel TV & Radio
TLD Top-Level Domain Internet
TLDR Too Long, Didn’t Read Chat
TLDW Too Long ; Didn’t Watch Miscellaneous
TLS Times Literary Supplement Journals
TM Telekom Malaysia Companies
Tmall Taobao Mall Websites
TMC Trinamool Congress Politics
TMMK TamilNadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam Regional
TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fictional
TmpDSK Temporary Disk Data Storage
TMS T. M. Soundararajan Celebrities
TMT Trail Making Test Tests
TMU Teerthanker Mahaveer University Universities
TNEB Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Departments
TNGA Trans North Georgia Adventure Cycling
TNN Times News Network News
TNPAWS Tennessee Premium and Wage Reporting System Departments
TNPL Tamil-Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited Companies
TNPS Transactional Net Promoter Score Business Terms
TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Departments
TNR Thummala Narasimha Reddy Celebrities
TNSTC Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation Land Transport
TNT The News Tribune Journals
TNTET Tamil Nadu Teachers Eligibility Test Exams
TNTEU Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University Universities
TNVAT Tamil Nadu Value Added Tax Rules
TNW Tactical Nuclear Weapon Military
TOC Table Of Contents Journals
Toc H Talbot House Social Welfare
TOD Transfer On Death Law & Legal
TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language Exams & Tests
TOI Times of India News
TIA Toy Industry Association Trade
TOMCO Tata Oil Mills Company Companies
TOP Twenty One Pilots Musical groups
TOR Terms of Reference Terms
Torpex Torpedo Explosive Military
Toshiba Tokyo Denki (Tokyo Electric) + Shibaura Seisakusho (Shibaura Engineering Works) Companies
TOSLink Toshiba-Link Communication
TOTO Totable Tornado Observatory Atmospheric Sciences
TOTP Time-based One-Time Password Security
Toyota From the family name of its founder, Kiichiro Toyoda Companies
TP Twin Peaks TV & Radio
TP-Link The name was based on the concept of “twisted pair link”, a kind of electromagnetic cabling Companies
Term Full Form Category
TPA Third-Party Administrator Business Terms
TPA Trade Promotion Authority Rules & Regulations
TPG Taiping Airport Airport Codes
TPI Technique Polytechnic Institute Universities
TPIVF Three Parent In Vitro Fertilization Treatments
TPMS Takoma Park Middle School Universities
TPR Texas Public Radio TV & Radio
TPU Troop Program Unit Military
TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Firms
TRAIN Tourist Railway Association Inc Regional
TRAPPIST Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope Astronomy
TRIAC Triode for Alternating Current Electronics
TRIMS Trinity River Information Management System Internet
TRIPS Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights Business Terms
TRP Television Rating Point TV & Radio
TRS Telangana Rashtra Samithi Politics
TS POLYCET Telangana Polytechnic Common Entrance Test Exams & Tests
TmpDSK Temporary Disk Data Storage
TSA Transportation Security Administration Departments
TSBIE Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education Departments
TSI Town Sports International Companies
TSIIC Telangana Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Departments
TSLA Tennessee State Library and Archives Buildings
TSMC Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Companies
TSMU Tbilisi State Medical University Universities
TSP Tribal Sub-Plan Policies
TSRTC Telangana State Road Transport Corporation Land Transport
TSX Tanjung Santan Airport Airport Codes
TT Trinidad and Tobago Countries
TTC The Toro Company NYSE
TTCSP Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program Research
TTE Transthoracic Echocardiogram Tests
TTGL Tactical Training Group, Atlantic Military
TTL Transistor–transistor logic Electronics
TTRAM Task and Training Requirements Analysis Methodology Military
TTS Transdermal Therapeutic Systems Medicines
TTT Tic Tac Toe Games
TTYL Talk To You Later Chat
TTYL8R Talk to You Later Chat
TUMT TransUrethral Microwave Therapy Universities
TUNA The Utah Nordic Alliance Sports
TURP TransUrethral Resection of the Prostate Treatments
TUV Traditional Unionist Voice Politics
TV TeleVision TV & Radio
TV18 Television Eighteen Companies
TVC Traditional Values Coalition Regional
TVD The Vampire Diaries TV
TVET Technical and Vocational Education and Training Courses
TVL TeleVision Lines Specifications
TVS Thirukurungudi Venkagaruswamy Sundaram Companies
TVXQ Tong Vfang Xien Qi Musical
Twitter Short burst of inconsequential information and chirps from birds Internet
Term Full Form Category
TWRFS Textile Workers Rehabilitation Fund Scheme Policies
TWS The Wilderness Society Environment
TX Texas States
TYO Tokyo Stock Exchange Stock Market

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