All ‘E’ Letter Word Full Form List 2022

Complete Information About ‘E’ Letter Word Full Form List 2022. Full Forms of Synonym and Acronyms, all words A to Z Listed Below. 

Full Forms related to Technology, Banking, Education, Gadgets, Internet, It, Agriculture & Medical etc many more Added daily.

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Term Full Form Category
E&OE Errors and Omissions Excepted Business Terms
E&P Earnings & Profits Finance
e-Aadhaar electronic-Aadhaar Policies & Programs
e-BRC electronic Bank Realization Certificate Banking
E-Commerce Electronic Commerce Internet
E-GMP Electric-Global Modular Platform Automotive
e-Sports electronic Sports Games
e-TNGA electric Toyota New Global Architecture Automotive
E-Waste Electronic Waste Electronics
E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo Festivals
EA Electronic Arts Games
EAC East African Community International Orgaizations
EAMCET Engineering Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test Exams & Tests
eARC enhanced Audio Return Channel Specifications
EARFCN E-UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number Communication
eBay Echo Bay Companies
EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code Compression
EBD Electronic Brake force Distribution Automotive
EBITDA Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization Accounting
EBM Evidence Based Medicine Treatments
EBS E-Business Suite Software
ebXML Electronic Business XML Specifications
EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud Internet
ECAD Electronic Computer-Aided Design Electronics
ECC Excise Control Code Rules
ECCS Employees Credit Cooperative Society Social Welfare
ECDSA Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm Security
ECE Economic Commission for Europe Governmental Organizations
ECG Electricity Company of Ghana Firms
ECGC Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited Firms
ECID Exclusive Chip ID Specifications
ECIL Electronics Corporation of India Limited Firms
ECL Emitter Coupled Logic Electronics
ECMA European Computer Manufacturers Association Technological
ECMO ExtraCorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Instruments
ECOSOC Economic and Social Council International Orgaizations
ECPM European Christian Political Movement Social Welfare
ECR Emigration Check Required Rules & Regulations
ECS Education Commission of the States Departments & Agencies
ECT ElectroConvulsive Therapy Psychiatry
ECTS European Credit Transfer System Universities
ECU Engine Control Unit Automotive
ED Enforcement Directorate Departments
EDGE Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution Communication
EDGW Edgewater Technology Companies
EDH Extra Dural Haematoma Diseases
EDI Electronic Data Interchange Software
EDIS Educational and Developmental Intervention Services Policies
Term Full Form Category
EDITH Even Dead, I’m The Hero Fictional
EDM Electronic Dance Music Music
EDO Eating DisOrder Psychology
EDPMS Export Data Processing and Monitoring System Policies & Programs
EDR Enhanced Data Rate Communication
EDSAC Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator Hardware
EDTA Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid Chemistry
EdTech Education + Technology Tech Terms
eduroam education roaming Internet
EDUSAT Educational Satellite Astronomy
EDVAC Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer Hardware
EEA European Economic Area Governmental
EEC European Economic Community Regional Organizations
EECE Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering Courses
EEE Electrical and Electronics Engineering Courses
EEG ElectroEncephaloGram Tests
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory Electronics
EEsof Electronic Engineering Software Companies
EETC Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company Companies
EFI Environmentalist Foundation of India Environment
EFS Encrypting File System Security
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer Banking
EFTPOS Electronic Funds Transfer At Point Of Sale Business Terms
EFX Effects Movies & Film
EG Egypt Countries
EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter Display & Graphics
EGCG World Bank’s External Gender Consultative Group Trade Associations
EGD Ethernet Global Data Protocols
EGS Education Guarantee Scheme Policies
EGU European Geosciences Union Educational
EHF Extremely High Frequency Electronics
EHS Environment, Health and Safety Departments
EIA Environmental Impact Assessment Rules & Regulations
EID Emerging Infectious Diseases Journals & Publications
EIL Engineers India Limited Firms
EIN Employer Identification Number Business Terms
EIS Environmental Impact Statement Law & Legal
EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture General Computing
EJB Enterprise JavaBeans Programming
EKG Engelbert-Kaempfer-Gymnasium Religion
eKYC electronic-Know Your Customer Standards
ELCB Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker Electrical
ELF Extremely Low-Frequency Electronics
ELI5 Explain Like I’m Five Chat
ELINT Electronic Intelligence Tech Terms
ELISA Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Tests
ELL English language learner Language
ELSA European Law Students’ Association International
EMA East Midlands Airport Airport Codes
EMACS Equipment Management and Control System Military
Term Full Form Category
Email Electronic mail Internet
EMBA Executive Master of Business Administration Academic Degrees
Embraer Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica Companies
EMC Ernakulam Medical Centre Hospitals
EMEA Europe, Middle East and Africa Business Terms
EMF Electromagnetic Field Physics
EMG Executive Music Group Companies
EMI Employment Market Information Policies
eMLC enterprise Multi-Level Cell Data Storage
EMM Enterprise Mobility Management Tech Terms
EMMC Eastern Maine Medical Center Hospitals
eMO Electronic Money Order Accounting
emote emoticon Internet
EMP Emporia Municipal Airport Airport Codes
EMR Exclusive Marketing Right Patents
EMS Express Mail Service Services
EMU Economic and Monetary Union Trade
EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg Companies
Eneloop from Energy Loop Products
Engg Engineering Academic Degrees
Engr Engineer Job Titles
ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer Hardware
ENT Ear, Nose & Throat Hospitals
Envisat Environmental Satellite Astronomy
EOB Explanation of Benefits Business Terms
EOC Emergency Operations Center Departments
EOD End Of Day Business Terms
EOL End Of Life Business Terms
EORS Electric Outage Reporting System Electrical
EOS Earth Observing System Ocean Science
EOSS End of Season Sale Business Terms
EOT End Of Transmission Communication
EOU Export Oriented Unit Policies
EPABX Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange Communication
EPC Engineering, Procurement and Construction Architecture
EPCG Export Promotion Capital Goods Policies
EPCM Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management Architecture
EPCOT Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow Buildings
EPEAT Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool Specifications
EPF Employees’ Provident Fund Policies
EPFO Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation Departments
EPG Electronic Program Guide TV & Radio
EPIC Electors Photo Identity Card Documents
EPOS Electronic Point Of Sale Business Terms
EPP European People’s Party Politics
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory Electronics
EPS Employees Pension Scheme Policies
Epson named from “Son of Electronic Printer” Companies
ER Eritrea Countries
ERC Electricity Regulatory Commission Departments
Term Full Form Category
ERDA Electrical Research and Development Association Technological
Ericsson named after its founder, Lars Magnus Ericsson Companies
ERNET Education and Research NETwork Technological
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Software
ERS Electronic Reservation Slip Rail Transport
ESA Entertainment Software Association Trade Associations
ESAC European Space Astronomy Centre Astronomy
ESAF Evangelical Social Action Forum Banking
eSATA external Serial Advanced Technology Attachment Hardware
ESB Electricity Supply Board Firms
ESCII European Society for Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Medical Organizations
ESD Electro-Static Discharge Electronics
ESDI Enhanced Small Device Interface Hardware
ESI Employees’ State Insurance Policies
ESIC Employees’ State Insurance Corporation Firms
ESIM European School of Internal Medicine Courses
ESOP Employee Stock Ownership Plan Business Terms
ESP Eastern State Penitentiary Law & Legal
ESPN Entertainment and Sports Programming Network TV & Radio
eSports electronic Sports Games
ESQ Engineering Science Quest Conferences
ESR Earlham School of Religion Religious Organizations
ESRB European Systemic Risk Board Regional Organizations
ESS Employee Self-Service Business Terms
Essar derived from SR, which is stands for Sashi and Ravi Companies
Esso enunciation of the initials S.O. in Standard Oil of New Jersey Companies
EST Energy Saving Trust Regional Organizations
ET Economic Times News
et al et alia Language
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival Air Transport
eTaal Electronic Transaction Aggregation & Analysis Layer Policies
ETC Electronic Theatre Controls Companies & Corporations
ETF Exchange-Traded Fund Stock Market
ETH Ethereum Cryptocurrency
ETL Extract, Transform, Load Databases
ETOPS Extended Operations Air Transport
ETPN European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine Medical Organizations
ETT Elementary Teacher Training Courses
EU European Union International
EUCD European Union Copyright Directive Rules
eUFS embedded Universal Flash Storage Tech Terms
EULA End-User License Agreement Software
EUMETSAT European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites International
Eurasia Europe + Asia Etymology
EV Electric Vehicle Automotive
EVA Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Chemistry
EvDO Evolution-Data Optimized Communication
EVE Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator Fictional
EVM Electronic Voting Machine Instruments
Evo Evolution Chat
EVP Executive Vice President Job Titles
EVS European Voluntary Service Policies
eVTOL electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing Airplanes
EWA East-West Awakening Non-Profit Organizations
EWS Economically Weaker Section Census
EXE Executable File Extensions
Exec Executive Job Titles
Exide Excellent Oxide Companies
EXIM Export–Import Bank of India Banking
EXP Exponential function Mathematics
EY Ernst & Young Companies

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